How to use CARTO BUILDER analysis to create insightful map applications

Last Thursday CARTO released BUILDER, its new geospatial web application, for new signup users. There are several new amazing features such as widgets (dynamic filters), styling with Turbo Carto (a CartoCSS preprocessor) and version control (save/update). But my favorite is the possibility of adding geospatial analysis to layers.

Connect with lines

In this blog post, I am going to create a map application (with a visualization as the screenshot above), showing just a couple of analysis that BUILDER can offer.

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How to create dashboards & widgets with CartoDB

Last weeks I have been working with DeepInsights.js, the “new” CartoDB’s Javascript library that allows you to create dashboards. This technology is so powerful that can be intimidating. But in this blog post I am going to demonstrate how easy is to create dashboards, widgets and add customized elements. Let’s start!

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