Last Fall, Paisaje Transversal asked me for programming a script for geolocating, categorizing (according a sentiment analysis)  and visualizing tweets from their events. I have just signed up to the Master in GIS Programming with Python imparted by Geospatial Training Services so I used this task as my final project. And after a lot of try and error, debugging and realizing that people in Spain rarely geolocalize their tweets I came up with three elegant scripts.

I uploaded all three of them plus two examples to my GitHub (link below). In the first one I have used #AccordDeParis as the hashtag of study in order to show the worldwide reactions to the climate agreement. You can read a short tutorial in one of my posts. The following CartoDB map is the result:

Finally, in the second example I used #CaraACara as the new hashtag of analysis, showing the sentiment and emotions in Twitter about the Spanish general elections debate between the candidates from the two major political parties. The results can be seen in the following CartoDB map:

Download it from GitHub