AECT- Espacio Portalet Diagnóstico Estratégico

These maps were made within the “AECT- Espacio Portalet Diagnóstico Estratégico” project carried out by Paisaje Transversal. I first explored with R the spatial relationships between project partners from the POCTEFA and SUDOE European programs.

Then I mapped them with ArcGIS showing the main parters as circles scaled proportional to their connections -plotted as lines-, and secondary parters just as points. The first two display were generated from the POCTEFA dataset, while the last two were made from the SUDOE dataset. For each dataset, the projects were categorized by an axis (first arrange) and a theme (second arrange).

This cartography showcases the complexity of the collaborative network across countries (Spain, France and Portugal) between project partners.

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Source: POCTEFA – Filter by Axis


Source: POCTEFA – Filter by Theme


Source: SUDOE – Filter by Axis


Source: SUDOE – Filter by Theme