During the month of April of 2015, I went to San José de Bocay (Jinotega, Nicaragua) to carry out a three-week volunteer work with ONGAWA. I trained the NGO technician team in ArcGIS and GPS tools. Thanks to the succesful skill transference, they could generate a set of current land use maps of La Camaleona watershed. These maps were essential in order to monitor the land use evolution of the hydrologic basin.

Download it from Scribd

These last months, I have helped ONGAWA field technicians in the region of Same (Kilimanjaro, Tanzania) to carry out a easy and user friendly visualization of the watersheds of the Yongoma and Hingilili rivers. The maps show the exactly location of the recharge areas and pollution points within both basins. And they will help to manage the water accesibility of different local communities.