Mapmaking workshop for kids

As I mentioned in my last post, last 5th of December Carmen Langa and me, in addition to a small but very welcome help of other two GeoInquietos (Jesús and Beth), organized a mapmaking workshop for kids at Medialab-Prado which titles was “Taller de Mapas: del papel al digital. Una introducción al mundo de los mapas” (Maps Workshop: from the paper map to the digital one. An introduction to the maps world”). And it was 3 hours of fun.


In these hours, 15 children from eigth to 12 years old learnt what a map is, what their elements are, how to project it and how to build a globe. But more importantly, they learnt it in a practical and funny way. Each one of them draw a map, tried to project a ball to a paper, and finally, made a globe using gores. You can find the memory of the workshop in this Github repository (we will also upload it to Geotalleres) and its pictures in this Flickr album. Hope we could continue to teach these and other kids more about maps. It is a New Year’s wish worth to make.



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