Humanitarian OSM Team Mapathon 2015

There have been a lot going on in the GIS world since my last post. Several weeks ago I attended to the The state of mapping on the web: Esri, CartoDB and Mapbox. In this meeting, Raúl Jimenez from Esri, Jorge Sanz from CartoDB and Johan Uhle from Mapbox presented their webmapping platforms and discussed the beautiful moment the geospatial industry is having (you can watch the talk here). Then it was the 2015 Spanish ESRI Conference, the #GISday, #PostGISday and finally, this saturday we celebrate the #OSMgeoWeek running a HOT (Humanitarian OSM Team) mapathon. One of more than 100 around the world.

A group of geoinquietos gathered in Medialab-Prado to map HOT projects to help NGOs, governments and people on the field to better support their relief efforts. I chose to map a small square in the Parbat district in Nepal (embedded above), where a landslide has blocked a river, and the water levels were rising. The tools we have were just our laptops and the OSM iD Editor. In fact, it is quite easy. You also can do it in three simple steps. People are mapping all over the world with OSM, not just regions in need. Have a look at the following real-time visualization! I invite you to join the club.

GIS Analyst. Working at @CARTO and @ongawa4d.

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