Accessibility Mapping Party – Tetuán 5.0

Last weekend I went to the Accessibility Mapping Party 5.0 in Tetuán (Madrid). An event created by Alejandro Zappala and the Geoinquietos group -which I have recently joined- which consisted in a collaborative mapping workshop carry out by local people and some gisters. It was fun to meet a very concerned group of neighbors, users and professionals. The aim of this party was to map the accessibility of the Ventilla’s local business. Something that brought me memories of lots of mornings walking the streets of my hometown. First we walked, then we mapped:

After the workshop, I download the data using QGIS selecting the area of interest, filtering the type of features you wanted (points), and only the fields wheelchair-related. You could find here a very useful step-by-step tutorial for doing this. Then I used CartoDB to visualize this shapefile. This is the result:

Nice. But not as nice as the one did by Alejandro. I am sure that with this map if you live in Tetuán you could easily know which business are more than accessible than others.

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