Catalonian election maps on the news

Yesterday more than 4 millions of Catalans cast their vote. An incredible record of participation: 77% of the Catalonia total population were to decide their future. A future than in my humble opinion is not far from clear. Although the Catalan separatist coalition Junts pel Sí (Together for Yes) won in parliamentary seats, almost every Spanish newspaper agree that this victory is useless because they do not have the support of the majority of the population. In fact, Junts and the other nationalist party, CUP –Candidatura d’Unitat Popular– add just 47% of the voters.

How these newspapers have analyzed and visualized the election results? Several online newspapers, such as La Razón and LaInformació, have based their Catalonian election maps on a statistics online platform called Porcentual. Above this paragraph, there is an example of one of theirs maps created by CartoDB.

As you can observe, almost every subdivision is colored with moderate cyan, the color of Junts pel Sí. This phenomenon also occurs in every scale, from districts to provinces. A quite boring map, in my opinion. A more interesting one can be found in El Diario. This cartography made also with CartoDB shows the percentage of separatist voters for each municipality. It is curious that a very similar map was published a few days befores the election in El Huffington Post but this time made by ArcGIS.

The last map I would like to show you is the project was made by a recent newspaper called El Español. While the other agencies uses interactive maps, the infographic team of this media employs static maps but within a interactive visualization. Specifically, they utilizes the scroll down technique to progressively show you a different cartography. A very nice web design technique. Which one do you prefer?

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